Symptoms that may Signal Heart Problem are as Follows: Anxiety Heart attack can cause intense anxiety. “Impending doom” is experienced by heart attack survivors. Chest discomfort Pain in the chest is the classic symptom of heart attack, and “the No. 1 symptom that we typically see in heart attack is chest pain. As chest pain can be caused due to other reason also and chest pain can stem from ailments that have nothing to do with the heart. Continue reading

How to Prevent Winter Nose Bleeds

winter nose bleedingDry nose in winter may lead to many other serious problems . Often it causes uneasiness in breathing, nose infections as well as nose bleeds. Our nose has tiny blood vessels which are very easily irritated and this condition leads to nose bleeding. however there are some prevention which you can adopt to reduce winter related nose bleeds. Continue reading

How to Look After Your Skin and Hair in Winter

When winter comes, everything becomes dry and your hair and skin suffer the most.These are just some of the problems during winter – especially for women. There are a lot ofhair and skin care products that you put on not knowing that they just add more dryness to them. Here is some advice to look aftter your skin and hair during the winter season. Best Ways to Take Care of Your Skin Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize Let’s face it; your skin won’t make it through the winter if you don’t moisturize it with a lotion, cream or moisturizer. Continue reading

Why Does skin Itch During the Winter

skin itchingDry air is as much a part of winter as the cozy warmth provided by home and office central heating systems. How the heated air affects us is the issue. Dry air means dry skin and the condition commonly called winter itch. There are plenty of reason why our skin get itchy during winter. Continue reading

Swollen Toes and Fingers During Winter

Swollen toes and fingers during winterChillbains is the another scientific name given to your swollen toes and fingers during winters. However this can be cured within a short span of time. Chilblains are tiny swells that appear on your skin after it is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several hours. Continue reading


Treatment of skin disease changed dramatically with the introduction of topical corticosteroids in 1952. No preceding therapy exhibited such formidable anti-inflammatory properties. Glucocorticoids are corticosteroids secreted by the adrenal cortex, the outer part of adrenal gland, which lie close to the kidneys. Continue reading

How Gallstones are Formed

Gallstones developed in the gallbladder. It is a small organ located under the liver. The function of gallbladder is storage of bile. Bile is the fluid produced by liver. Bile helps in the digestion process. Bile gets secreted in small intestine for the digestions of fats whenever we eat food bile get secreted in the small intestine. Continue reading