Each Pregnancy is Planned & Every Day Counts

In this modern day era each Pregnancy is Planned & Precious. To become a Mother is the most cherished dream of every woman. Pregnancy takes the woman through an incredible journey of 37-42 weeks consisting of three trimesters, starting from conception to Fetal growth & development till the successful completion of the term. In each trimester the fetus requires a particular environment for growth.

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About IndSwift

IND-SWIFT is a Chandigarh based pharmaceutical company, established in 1986 with a mission of winning global customers through innovative pharmaceutical products. Three visionaries Jains, Mehtas and Munjals, dedicated themselves to work for humanity’s quest for longer, happier and healthier lives . IND-SWIFT has been ranked 35th among top Indian Pharmaceutical companies. IND-SWIFT is ISO 9001-2008, WHO GMP certified and is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange . We ensure value for money by developing innovative therapies and processes to produce safe effective and consistent quality pharmaceutical products delivering across the globe. IND-SWIFT is a research driven forward looking pharmaceutical company having world class expertise in finished goods dosage and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) and herbal products. IND-SWIFT is proud to be the second largest drug manufacturers of North India. IND-SWIFT’S multipurpose, multilocation facility layouts are spread across the lush-green plains of northern India. The facilities are built according to current guidelines of MHRA, EU, WHO, and accreditations with ISO 14000 series standards.With strong network presence in more than 45 countries we are committed to provide quality medicines and better health care.